About Us

Hiker Games is a subsidiary of Emobi Games, an independent game developer in Vietnam. Hiker Games has eight members and was founded in 2012. The team is led by Mr. Nguyen Vu Phuong—Lead Game Designer of 7554, the first game released by Emobi.

n 2012, after four years pursuing PC games (with the titles 2112 and 7554), Emobi Games changed course and re-committed to making dreams a reality as Hiker Games—which was founded to pursue the goal of releasing world-renowned titles developed in Vietnam, a country that isn’t known for game development. Hiker Games hopes to be the driving force behind making Vietnam a hub for innovation in the market.

Hiker Games is also focused on creating games that the team has always wanted to play. This is how ​Toy Odyssey was born.

The studio’s name came about because the path the team is following has many challenges, and the desire to conquer will never stop.

​Toy Odyssey, the first game to be released by Hiker Games, is expected to launch in 2015.

Currently, the team is working hard to bring the game to Steam—and they really need your support!

Hiker Team

In our HQ in Hanoi, Vietnam